Entry fees

The admission fee for the child is 300 PLN. It is a non-refundable fee, guaranteeing the child a place in the kid’s club – it is paid once a year* and includes :

the registration fee

stationery for children

hygiene articles: including a personalised towel **

presents for holidays, children’s day and birthdays

* if the child continues in the following year, the fee is 50% of the entry fee

** additional conditions related to Covid-19

 Price list of a kids’ stay

All-day stay max 9h                                   900 * PLN + boarding**

Stay up to 5h                                              600 * PLN + boarding**

In 2021 we receive funding from City Hall  and Maluch+

City Hall   300zł for children per month 

Maluch+    80zł  for children per month  

Adaptation classes

Adaptation classes (after prior registration on the list) take place in our club between 03:00 p.m.- 05:00 p.m. during five week days. They include 1 meal a day (afternoon snack).

One-time price of the adaptation classes is 200 PLN for 5 days + boarding (according to the price list). Paid on the day of signing the contract for adaptation classes.

* Price without funding 

** per month

Bank account number: 55 1050 1302 1000 0097 2465 7755